January 18, 2024by RadhikaGIS Specialist Engineer On W2

Job Type: W2
Job Location: Texas
Visa Status: GC-Holder H4-EAD US-Citizen
GIS Specialist Engineer On W2

Job Description

  • A GIS Specialist Engineer plays a crucial role in managing and implementing spatial data infrastructure for various engineering projects.
  • This position involves utilizing advanced GIS technologies to analyze, interpret, and visualize geographic data for decision-making purposes.
  • The GIS Specialist Engineer collaborates with engineering teams, collects and manages spatial data, develops GIS applications, and ensures the effective use of geospatial technology in engineering projects.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Acquire, validate, and manage geospatial data from various sources such as satellite imagery, aerial surveys, GPS devices, and public databases.
  • Maintain and update GIS databases to ensure accuracy, currency, and completeness of spatial information.
  • Conduct spatial analyses to support engineering projects, including site selection, terrain analysis, and environmental impact assessments.
  • Utilize GIS tools to perform spatial modeling, network analysis, and geostatistical analysis for project-specific requirements.
  • Create high-quality maps and visualizations for engineering reports, presentations, and communication with stakeholders.
  • Generate 3D models and visualizations to aid in the understanding of spatial relationships and project implications.
  • Develop and customize GIS applications and tools to meet the unique needs of engineering projects.
  • Implement scripting and automation to enhance GIS workflows and streamline data processes.
  • Work closely with engineering teams to integrate GIS data and analysis into project planning, design, and implementation phases.
  • Provide technical expertise and support to ensure the seamless integration of geospatial information with engineering workflows.
  • Conduct quality assurance checks on GIS data and outputs to ensure data integrity and reliability.
  • Document GIS processes, methodologies, and workflows for future reference and knowledge sharing.


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