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Introduction to Informatica

Informatica is a data processing tool that is widely used for ETL to extract transform and load processing. This is an industry-leading software in the field of data processing and data governance. Informatica is mostly used in the data warehouse, business intelligence, and data integration between the business applications domain. Informatica has bust-in functionalities to connect with various source systems like databases, file systems, or saas-based applications using configurations, adapters, and in-built connectors. Once the Source system is connected and the source data is captured, Informatica supports several out-of-the-box transformation functionalities to transform the data, route, and process the configured and connected data to the target systems.

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HireForce has an experienced and dedicated set of employees and architects working diligently for providing Informatica Services.

Experienced Informatica Consulting and Implementation:

Our architects have rich experience in implementing Informatica enterprise data integration and data management solutions to ensure organizations access trustworthy information assets. These solutions improve operational efficiency and enhance your competitive advantage.

Data Migration:

Our highly experienced architects use a proper combination of technology, methodology, and services to cater to the team’s data migration needs in the most cost-effective way.

Data Transformation:

Our team works to make business partner data accessible to enhance efficiency in data transformation and allow immense flexibility.
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