Edge Computing

Hire Force Global provide solution offering for optimizing IoT applications with edge compute functionality.

Edge Computing to gain a competitive Edge

We help business of all sizes grow and excel operationally by becoming more consistent and connected across all operations. Transform your business with our IOT edge computation service and get complete control and visibility of all your data, no matter where it exists.

Edge Computing Services

  • Edge Analytics

Edge gateways can host lightweight analytics algorithms to take insights from the IOT data in real time. Data will be analysed locally, allowing faster decision-making and actionable insights.

  • Data filtering and processing

The gateways perform initial data filtering and processing tasks at the edge before transmitting it to the cloud. This entails sorting the incoming data, removing duplicate or unnecessary data, and aggregating data to lower the volume of data.

  • Security and Device Management

The IOT gateways play a crucial role in ensuring the security of IOT devices and data at the edge. Edge gateways also manage software updates and configuration tweaks for connected IOT devices.

  • Protocol Integration

An IoT environment contains devices that use different communication protocols and data formats. Edge gateways act as middlemen, translating various protocols and integrating data from diverse sources.

Our Process

  • Assessment

The first step is to understand the specific requirements and goals of the client, including the type of data, processing needs, and existing infrastructure. Here, we evaluate factors like data volume, latency requirements, and scalability needs.

  • Designing

 Based on the evaluation, an architecture is designed for the edge computation. This comprises defining the placement of edge devices like gateways and determining the communication protocols and data flow between the edge and central devices.

  • Implementation

 By implementation, we mean deploying the designed edge infrastructure. It involves installing the edge devices, configuring networking components, and setting up a software platform for data processing and analytics at the edge.

  • Monitoring & Optimization

The end step is to continuously monitor the performance of the edge infrastructure like the data processing speed, resource utilization, and network connectivity.

How Edge Computation Will Benefit your IOT Product and Business

If you have sensors and IoT devices in an area with limited connectivity that generates too much data, and need millisecond response times, edge computing is the solution for you.
Moreover, edge computing offers many advantages, including:

Reduced Latency: Local data processing reduces latency, allowing near real-time responses from IoT devices due to proximity.

Minimum Congestion: Edge computing reduces network congestion by processing, filtering, and compressing data locally, saving time and bandwidth costs.

Bandwidth: It also enables IoT devices in unstable network environments like offshore rigs and remote military sites, ensuring uninterrupted operation despite irregular cloud connections.

 Why Trust us for Edge Computing Service

We at Hire Force Global offers edge computing and edge analytic services for near edge across multiple platforms. We also integrate edge computing onto public clouds like AWS, and Azure. Hire Force Global is here to help you with any aspect of your edge computing planning and deployment, from defining a strategy to programming edge intelligence to build out your solution.


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