Job Category: Information Technology
Job Type: Full Time Hybrid
Job Location: Dallas_Tx
Visa Status: GC-Holder
Work Mode: Hybrid

Job Description:

1) Hands on with integration of Teradata with other GCP services and applications, such as bigquery, dataflow, or data studio.

2)  Develop and maintain data models for efficient data storage and retrieval, ensuring data quality and consistency.

3) Design, configure, and deploy Teradata-based data warehousing solutions within the google cloud platform.

4) Continuously monitor and optimize the performance of Teradata systems to ensure efficient data processing and reporting.

5) Create and manage etl tools with Informatica processes to move and transform data into the Teradata warehouse.

6)  Implement and maintain security measures to protect sensitive data within the Teradata environment, in compliance with company policies and regulations.

7) Develop and maintain data backup and recovery strategies to ensure data availability and integrity.

8) Monitor system performance, troubleshoot issues, and respond to incidents to minimize downtime and disruptions.

9) Create and maintain technical documentation, including system architecture, configurations, and procedures.

10) Forecast and plan for future system resource requirements to accommodate business growth.

11) Work closely with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, data analysts, and business stakeholders to understand and meet their data requirements.

Skill Set Required : 

1)  Experience on workflow orchestration using Google cloud data engineering components like pub/sub, dataflow, cloud functions, cloud composer, big query, etc.

2) Working with batch and event based / streaming technologies to ingest and process data.

3) Exposure to containerization of applications and kubernetes.

4) Required minimum 7 or more years of experience with GCP & Teradata data warehousing systems and Informatica.

5) Strong proficiency in Google cloud platform, including GCP big query, dataflow, and cloud storage.

6) Knowledge of etl tools and practices.

7) Familiarity with data modelling and data warehouse design principles.

8) Solid understanding of cloud security and compliance best practices.

9) Experience with performance tuning, troubleshooting, and optimization of Teradata systems.

10) Strong problem-solving and communication skills.

11) Any relevant certifications, such as Teradata or GCP certifications, would be a plus.

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