Expression Transformation in IICS

Task Name : How to calculate the  non-aggregate functions by  using Expression Transformation.

Expression Transformation : The Expression transformation is used to calculate values within a single row.

When you configure an Expression transformation, create an expression field for the output of each calculation that you want to use in the data flow. Create a variable field for calculations that you want to use within the transformation.

Mapping:  Calculating the final value after applying a  fixed discount of 25% on the given value.

Step 1 : Login to IICS, create a new mapping ,name it and save .Drag  the source and import source Flat  file SRC_CUSTOMERS and establish the source connections.

  • The preview of the source data is

  • Step 2 : Drag and drop the Expression Transformation and connect it to the source. Select it and go to properties.
    • In General option Name the transformation eg:- exp_cust
    • Check the incoming fields
    • In Expression option click on + button to create variable or output fields.

    • Create a variable field by selecting the below options and click on ok.

    Field type=  Variable Field



  • A variable field has been created. Now click on Configure .

  • Configure the field by assigning formula to calculate the discount price.

Now create an Output field by selecting the below options and click on ok.

Field type=  Output Field



  • Configure the field by assigning the formula and click on ok.
  • Step 3: Connect the Target and go to properties.
    • General : Name the target eg:Tgt_cust
    • Incoming Fields : check all the incoming fields coming from expression.

  • Target : Give Target connections (Serverhfgindia_orc_tgt_conn(Oracle)

  • Object : Click on select option and select Create New at Runtime as Target Object and create table name (eg: Tgt_Cust_expression) and click on ok.

    Step 4: Save the mapping and create the Mapping Task. Once the mapping Task got created Run the mapping.

Step 5: Go to my jobs and check weather the data has been loaded successfully or not

  • Output: The Target is a table hence we can see the data in