How to Create Connections from Oracle and Flat File to IICS

How to Create Connections from Oracle and Flat File to IICS

Step 1:

Step 2 :-

Present Runtime Environment is serverhfgindia.

Click on Connections and type serverhfgindia in search bar and press enter. We  can see all the required oracle and flat file connections.

The above connections are used to import/Load tables or Flat files while creating a mapping in IICS.

Oracle Source connection path → serverhfgindia_orc_src_conn

Oracle Target connection path → serverhfgindia_orc_tgt_conn

Flat File Source connections → serverhfgindia_src_flatfile_conn

Flat File Target connections → serverhfgindia_tgt_flatfile_conn

  1. How to open the Network path to see/import Source Files and load Target Files

Step 1:-

  • Open Run command copy the path given and click on ok.


  • A file manager \\\backupiics will be opened. Click on Src_Files_HFG1 folder where we can create and save the source files that has to be loaded to the target.

Tgt_Files_HFG1 is the target folder where all the target files are been loaded.

How to open Oracle Sql Developer and source and target connections.

Step 1

Open SqlDeveloper click on Connections and create HR schema by entering the required details:

Username: hr

Password: hr



SID: xe

Step 8:-Open HR database, connect it and create a Source and Target table  under the name src_Table Name and tgt_Table Name.  These tables are used by IICS to perform the required Mapping