• Definition:-  The aggregate transformation applies aggregate function ,such as average, to column values and copies the results to the transformation output.
    • It’s used to perform aggregate operation on groups in a


    • The aggregate function available are-Count,Sum,min,max,Average etc.
    • We can also use aggregate to load unique records by Appling group by to all columns.


    • Login to SSIS  go to Solution Explorer right click on SSIS package  click on new SSIS package and rename it.
    • Drag the data flow task in control flow.
    • Double Click on the dataflow task.
    • Drag the OLEDB Source  then double  Click on it

  • Go to connection manager and give  connection and select the name of SQL table .
  • Check the column and click ok.
  • Drag the Aggregate transformation and connect it to the OLE DB source ,click on OLE DB source and give the required input column and give the output alias and operation.

  • Click on ok.


  • Drag the OLE DB Destination connect it to the Aggregate transformation go to OLE DB Destination give the new name of the table check the mapping click on ok.

  • Click on  execute.


SSIS Package:-

Source Table:-