MASTER OUTER : Includes all rows from the detail pipeline and the matching rows from the master pipeline. It discards the unmatched rows from the master pipeline.

  • Task Name:  How to join two tables using   Master Outer l Joiner Transformations and load the data  as Relational data.Source

    Step1 :  Login in to IICS and create a mapping.

Step 2 : Import source tables and give connections.

Source 1: EMP Source 2: DEP



Step 1 : Drag the Joiner transformation and connect it from source tables.Connect the  DEP source to Master and  EMP source to Detail. 

Step 2 : Go to properties and give all the details.

  • General : Rename the joiner as eg: join_emp_dep
  • Incoming Fields: Check all the incoming fields coming from the source. Exclude the unwanted fields and resolve the
  • Join condition : Select the type of join you want eg: NORMAL and give the  join condition as


Step 1:Drag  the Target and connect it  from the Joiner .

Step 2: Go to properties and assign all the below details.

  • General : Rename the target as eg: TGT_MASTEROUTER
  • Incoming Fields : Check all the incoming fields coming from the Joiner and select the required fields.
  • Target : Connect oracle target connection() and create target (tgt_masterouter) at run time.

Step 3 : Save the mapping and check whether the mapping is valid or not.

STEP 4 : Run the mapping and check the status of the mapping.


OUTPUT: To see the output go to oracle and type (Select * from tgt_masterouter)