Indirect File Load in IICS

Indirect File Load in IICS

Indirect file load:- Indirect file load is an option used to load the data from multiple source files that have similar structure and properties. The integration service reads the source file sequentially and then loads the data into the target. Indirect file load is applicable only when we have flate file as a source. Only text file (.txt) as flate file is supported.


  • Create a list files (madhu_1.txt) containing the names of all other source files e.g., madhu_1.txt, madhu2.txt, madhu3.txt, madhu4.txt.

  • Login toIICS and click on new mapping. Click on create to create new mapping and rename the mapping of your choice for example: m_indirect.


  • In the source transformation, under Source Type select File List.
  • Under the Object, select the file which contains the list of source files to be processed.


  • Connect the Target and go to properties. Give Target connections.

  • Object: Click on select option and select existing as Target Object and select table name (eg: tgt_indirect) and click on ok.

  • In properties Go to the field mapping.

  • Save the mapping and create the Mapping Task.
  • Click on new to create the mapping task and give the proper task name and specify the Run time environment.

  • Click on selectand select the mapping from the mapping list as shown below.

  • Click on next. Click on run to run the mapping. Go to my jobs and check the status.

  • Check all the records from flat files will be loaded into the oracle table.

  • Go to oracle and check the target table shown below.