Input Parameters In IICS


Input Parameters:- An input parameter is a placeholder for a value or values in a
mapping. The value of the parameter remains same through out the execution. We
should assign value for the parameter in run time.


  • Create one Source file in the files manager as shown below.

  • Login to IICS and click on new mapping. Click on create to create new mapping and rename the mapping of your choice for example: m_input_parameters.

  • Go to Actions and click on parameters panel.

  • Create one input parameter as shown below and click on Ok.


  • Go to workspace and click on source.
  • In the properties go to sourceand configure the connections by selecting the required connection name.
  • In the Object select the source object and click on ok.


  • Drag the Expression transformation from the left side of design menu and connect it to the Source.

  • Check the incoming fields
  • In Expression option click on + button to create variable or output fields.

  • Create a variable field by selecting the below options and click on ok.

Field type= Variable Field



  • A variable field has been created. Now click on Configure.
  • Configure the field by assigning formula to calculate the sales price.
  • v_profit_value=(cost_price*to_integer($profit_value$))/100.

  • Now create an Output field by selecting the below options and click on ok.

  • Configure the field by assigning the formula and click on ok.
  • Sales_price=cost_price+v_profit_value


  • Connect the Targetand go to properties.
  • Incoming Fields: check all the incoming fields coming from expression.
  • Target: Give Target connections

  • Object: Click on select option and select Create New at Runtime as Target Object and create table name (eg: tgt_inparam) and click on ok.

  • Save the mapping and create the Mapping Task.
  • Click on new to create the mapping task and give the proper task name and specify the Run time environment.

  • Click on select and select the mapping from the mapping list as shown below.

  • Click on next and assign the profit value at run time as shown below.

  • We can see the assigned input parameter value in the mapping task. Click on next and finish.

  • Click on run to run the mapping. Go to my jobs and check the status.