Filter Transformation in IICS

Filter Transformation in IICS

Filter transformation is An Active and Connected Transformation.

Filter transformation filters out the data flow based on a specified condition.


  • Open SQL Developer and check the source Table Departments by giving the select Statement.

  • Login to IICS and click on new mapping. Click on create to create new mapping and rename the mapping of your choice for example: m_dept_filter.

  • In the properties go to source and configure the connections by selecting the required connection name.

  • In the Object select the source object and click on ok.

  • In the source properties click on preview to preview the data.

  • Drag the filter transformation from the left side of design menu and select the transformation.


  • Rename the filter transformation then click on the filter option give the required filter condition it will filter the data based on the condition.
  • Click on the Target rename the target and in the properties click on the target and configure the target connections.
  • To create the target at run time click on select  and select the target object create new at runtime and give the target table name and click on ok.
  • Click on save to save the mapping.
  • Click on new to create the mapping task and give the proper task name and specify the Run time environment.

  • Click on select and select the mapping from the mapping list as shown below.

Click on next and click on Finish.

  • Click on Run to run the mapping task.
  • Go to my jobs and check the status
  • Check the output in Oracle Sql Developer HR database.
  • We can see all the record with DEPT_ID>100 are loaded to the target table.